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Leaf Removal Services – Three Benefits of Doing it Yourself
Doing a yard clean up can be a daunting task. While leaf removal services might be able to help with your yard cleanup, their prices are often very high, ranging from $191 to $557. However, there are some advantages to tackling your yard cleanup yourself. Not only will you save money by doing it yourself, you can also avoid the risk of blowing leaves onto the neighbors’ property. Listed below are three benefits of doing it yourself.

The City of Ottawa provides free loose-leaf collection in November. The schedule is included in its At Your Service Guide and published on the city’s interactive loose-leaf map. Residents must rake leaves into piles between the curb and sidewalk on the Monday prior to each scheduled leaf collection week. It is also illegal and unsafe to place leaves directly onto streets and sidewalks. For your safety, it is highly recommended to bag your leaves and place them in your regular garbage.

Professional leaf cleaners charge a flat rate of $5 to $10 per bag of leaves. The price per acre depends on the complexity of the job and the number of trees in your yard. The more experienced the company, the higher their rate will be. You can also choose between bagging, vacuuming, or mulching. While the latter option is more expensive, it is the most efficient and convenient option for homeowners. The downside to this service is that you have to empty the bag often.

The average cost of leaf removal services varies from $191 to $557. Depending on your location, the amount of leaves you need to remove and the methods used, you may pay as little as $30 to as much as $557 per acre. The cost can also depend on seasonality. Prices tend to rise in the fall due to increased demand. For large yards, this can cost $400 to $1,000 per acre. So, if you are considering hiring a leaf removal service, make sure to do your homework and get a good price before making your decision.

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